Lose Weight

With a Mediterranean Diet

Ancient olive tree.  There are verified cases of 2000-year-old olive trees.

Mediterranean Diet

A Healthy & Delicious Way of Losing Or Maintaining Weight

What Is a Mediterranean Diet?

Why Is the Med Diet the Best Diet?

How Will the Med Diet Help Me?

This diet was the normal way of eating and drinking of the peoples in many countries bordering the Mediterranean.  These countries were notable for the good health and longevity of their people. Obesity was very rare. 

The Med diet makes the process of losing weight much easier than the vast majority of other diets. It also helps to easily maintain the reduced weight, rather than putting it all back on again. Most diets work only short-term.

The Med diet is composed of tasty healthy food, which is easy to obtain and prepare. Most people should follow this way of eating. It is nutritious and guards against many health hazards. It also helps in maintaining the right weight

diet food
Such misery! All for nothing?

Do Any Diets Really Work?

About 90% of all dieters who successfully lose weight on a diet find that they´ve soon put it all on again. This applies even to the Mediterranean Diet, which we strongly advocate.  What then is the solution?


Importance of exercise
Walking is a great exercise

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is very important. Apart from the calosies it burns, it makes a big difference in motivation for those who need to lose weight.¡



A Healthy Diet That Does Work...

There is one diet that does work long-term. It involves a modification to life-style - a change to healthier food. Also, better tasting food!

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