How to Lose Weight

With a Mediterranean Diet

Ancient olive tree. There are verified cases of 2,000-year-old olive trees. 

Mediterranean Diet

Healthy & Delicious Way To Lose Weight

Why You Should Adopt a Mediterranean Diet

Even If You Do Not Need to Lose Any Weight

The Mediterranean Diet is not only healthy but it is a  delicious way of eating. It is also very good for simplifying losing weight and then maintaining the new reduced weight. An additional advantage is  that the foods in it are "normal", with nothing exotic, expensive or hard to get.

Find Out About the Mediterranean Diet:

Ingredients Of a Real Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Versus Other Diets

Can the Mediterranean Diet Help Me?

This diet diet was the normal way of eating of the peoples in many countries bordering the Mediterranean.  These countries were notable for the good health and longevity of their people and obesity was rare. 

The Med diet makes the process of losing weight much easier than the vast majority of other diets. It also helps to easily maintain the reduced weight, rather than putting it all back on again. Most diets work only short-term.

This diet is composed of tasty healthy food and is easy to prepare.  It is nutritious and guards against many health hazards, as well as helping in maintaining the right weight. It is the right diet for most people.

diet food
Such misery! Was it all for nothing?

Do Any Diets Work Long-Term?

About 90% of all dieters who successfully lose weight on a diet find that they´ve soon put it all on again. This applies even to the Mediterranean Diet, so why do we strongly advocate it?  Click for information on the Med Diet - and why you should adopt it.


Importance of exercise
Walking is terrific exercise for most people

Is Exercise Important in All Diets?

Exercise is very important. Apart from the calories it burns, it makes a big difference in motivation for those who need to lose weight. Exercise, where possible, is good with any diet.



Keeping Weight Off After a Diet

Continue With This Delicious, Healthy Way of Eating!

A bit of effort to lose excess weight at the beginning, but so much easier than with most diets. Then, follow a Mediterranean way of eating and your weight will remain where it should be.


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