Healthy food that helps to control weight can be simple and delicious!

Weight Problems Can Go On.........and On!

My interest in the problems of losing weight and then keeping it off started a few years ago. I knew a woman whose life had become almost a nightmare because of her weight. She did not seem to consume much, other than a little too much alcohol. Yet, even so, she had a constant battle to keep her weight down where she wanted it.

What generally happened is that she would reach the desired weight after a draconian diet. A diet so meagre as to seem insufficient to function in daily life. For a while, all would be well. Then what seems inevitable happened. The weight started to creep back on again. 

The effect that the yo-yo diets had on my friend were disastrous. She seemed on the surface always to be relaxed and jovial. But i knew her well enough to know that underneath, life had become a torment.



A Permanent Solution For the Long-Term Overweight or Obese Overweight

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