Lose Weight = Gain Energy!

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The Original Diet of the Mediterranean People  -  Not the Present One, Which Is Full Of Junk Food

Med Diet Good For Many Health-Related Issues

New York Times Report on the Mediterranean Diet

Almost Too Good To Be True?

The New York times report does indeed sound implausibly up-beat on the benefits of the Med Diet. That´s even though they do not mention weight loss or control, which is the main benefit for many people!

The report does talk about the importance of sticking exactly to what is considered a Med Diet. This would include, for example, eating fish three times a week. However, the people from the Med region do not adhere to a rigid diet at all. Not now and not 50 years ago.

As we talk about later, A "Med Diet" is to a large extent a question of common sense. Eating what most accept as being healthy food, like fish and lean meat, fruit and vegetables, and extra-virgin olive oil. Also, avoiding what we all know does us little good. Sugar, in all its many forms!

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