Many Other Benefits With a Med Diet

Many Other Benefits With the Mediterranean Diet

There have been hundreds of studies and reports on the Mediterranean Diet. Many of these have been by well-known prestigious bodies and institutions. Not one has, so far, come to any conclusion other than that the Med Diet has a wide range of confirmed or possible health benefits.

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

Other Benefits of Med Diet
Good Things From the Med Diet


Protection against heart disease and stroke: There have been many reports on the benefits of a Med Diet on heart health. For example, an April 2016 study was published in the European Heart Journal that claimed that people who eat and drink a Med diet are up to 33% less likely to suffer a cardiac event than people who follow a typical modern diet. The prestigious Mayo Clinic has described the Med diet as a "heart-healthy eating plan".

Reduced risk of certain cancers: Research has, for example, suggested that a Med Diet can reduce the risk of a deadly form of breast cancer by 40%.

Reduced risk of Alzheimers´ disease: The Neurology journal has published a study in 2017. This shows that the brains of followers of a Med diet shrink less with age than those of people who do not follow a Med diet. Another study suggests that Med diet followers are 50% less likely to develop Alzheimers´as they age.


Less likely to develop type 2 diabetes: A large Spanish study showed an 83% reduction in chances of developing diabetes for followers of a Med diet. The diet also helps those who already have diabetes to manage their condition.

Relieve arthritis symptoms: Various studies have shown that a Med diet can relieve the unpleasant effects of arthritis.

There have been reports and studies suggesting that the Med diet can help in the fight against a wide range of other problems, including:
Osteoporosis - Parkinsons´disease - asthma - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - depression


Med Diet: Healthy and delicious
Healthy & Delicious Med Diet
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