Lose Weight

With a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Is Not a Fad Diet

People who lose weight with a Mediterranean Diet find it much easier to maintain their new weight when the “official” diet has finished. This is because the Mediterranean Diet is part of a new permanent life-style. A life-style which as well as delicious healthy food, includes other important aspects to life.

The world is full of fad diets. Many of these diets are bizarre or ridiculous, sometimes potentially dangerous. Some of the “Here Today-Gone Tomorrow” diets can lead to faster initial weight loss than the Mediterranean Diet. This is particularly so if they involve near-starvation or missing out whole food classes that the body needs. This weight loss is illusory, because all the lost weight will be replaced very quickly after the diet finishes. There are many studies that show this is so in close to 100% of the time.

A diet of just carrots & peas is dangerous
Extreme fad diets can be dangerous


The Mediterranean Diet is not at all like the fad diets. To start with, it has been recognised for a long time. Decades. It is known to be healthy and sustainable. That is, sustainable as part of a new lifestyle. A lifestyle which will continue to be enjoyed indefinitely after reaching the desired weight. So that the weight lost will not be replaced.

"Will I Lose Weight With This Diet?"

He was fat before doing the Mediterranean Diet
I weighed 300 pounds, until I went on a Med diet!

The Med diet was not devised as a means of losing weight. It wasn´t “devised” at all, originally. It appeared almost by evolution, based on what the Mediterranean people had available locally. But as many many modern researchers have found, and put into numerous reports, the Diet is not only very healthy, but it can help in losing weight. Very importantly, it also makes maintaining weight easy.

There are numerous studies, showing that a Mediterranean Diet can help people lose weight healthily. It may take a bit longer than with some of the fad diets, which often involve prolonged semi-starvation. The Mediterranean Diet does not involve hunger and has the huge advantage of making it easy to maintain your new weight after reaching target. Some relevant extracts from reports by the American Health Departments  are shown here:


Examination of the causes of overweight or obesity will usually make clear some of what needs to be done to reduce weight. Clearly, if a person identifies a cause, or causes, then eliminating or reducing that cause(s) will start the process of returning to the right weight. 

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