"Do They Have Duck in the Mediterranean Diet?"

Mediterranean Diet Myth

What Does "Diet" Mean?

Most people take "Mediterranean Diet" to be the name of a particular programme to lose weight. In fact, the word "diet" here refers to the habitual way of eating (and drinking) of Mediterranean peoples. It does not mean a regimen devised for losing weight. It is, though, a way of eating that. if followed properly, will lead to a healthy weight as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Many Mediterranean Diets

A further aspect is that there is no such thing as a "Mediterranean" way of eating. 21 countries have a Mediterranean coastline. Vastly different countries, with varied diets. So, in reality what is generally meant by "Mediterranean" in this context refers to the habitual diets of a small group of countries. Greece, (which might be said to have started the whole thing off), Italy and Spain. Portugal is usually included in a sort of honorary capacity, given that they have no Med coastline. Southern France is part of the group. That´s 5 countries. They have quite different diets, though with some common features. Common features include more fish than would be normal in a northern European diet and mixed salads generally being found on the table. Olive oil is used more extensively than elsewhere.

Mediterranean Diet Myth

50 years ago, the diets of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal was close to what is now called a "Mediterranean Diet". They were hard times. There was not much money for lovely but nutritionally useless foods, often containing a lot of sugar. Red meat was quite expensive, some fish was cheap. Beans of all kinds were filling and cost little. Rice, pasta and bread were eaten in large quantities - but not whole grain. At meal-times there was always water on the table and a cheap, usually red, wine.                     

Modern-day "junk" food virtually did not exist. Now, the main streets of southern Europe are crammed with the international fast food joints! The Mediterranean Diet myth has spread to a large part of world.                                                                                                                                                                   

Mediterranean People Giving Up Their Diet

Mediterranean diet myths that they do not eat food like this
They´re eat too much junk now

The Mediterranean peoples are giving up their own diet. They have been doing so just when much of the rest of the world is singing its praises and often adopting it to lose weight or for health reasons.

Mediterranean streets have become filled with the same junk food establishements as in much of the rest of the world. More on this here

What Mediterranean Peoples Actually Eat Now

What Med peoples actually consume now and in the past is also a subject of "myth". Their diets include many healthy elements. But they also consume large quantities of unhealthy food and drink. One consequence of this is that overweight and obesity have become major problems in the five countries whose diets are the ones generally considered in this context.







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