Is Sugar the Villain?

Different Opinions On Connection Between Sugar and Health

Just how bad is too much  sugar for health? There is a surprising difference of opinion among experts. Comparisons are frequently made between the early days of the battle against tobacco and the intensifying campaign against the effects of sugar. Just how bad sugar is for health is disputed by leading experts. However, it surely is not as lethal as tobacco!


Sugar, too, is addictive and its effects can ultimately kill you. We like it from the day we are born and that liking never goes away. However much sugar we have, we always soon want some more. It is not just in the obvious places, like sweet foods and drinks, but it is also in places where we do not expect to find it. It is, for example, in pizzas, hot dogs and sauces. Canned foods of all kinds contain sugar, as do bread, cereal bars and breakfast cereals. Sugar is in about 80% of the manufactured goods sold in supermarkets, according to experts.

It is not surprising that the percentage of people who have become overweight, or even obese, is so high. They are surrounded by a product that we are addicted to from birth. It is hard to escape, however hard we try! Manufacturers of the myriad products containing sugar have become expert at tempting us.

Perhaps, we should not (really) blame manufacturers. because they do their job, just as they should. The blame for the lack of action sits  firmly with governments. It is up to them to put the necessary regulations in place, whatever the pressures from business.

Too much sugar in fruit juice
Fresh orange juice. Much of the goodness gone, but sugar remains.

Image courtesy of  WikiImages.

Doctors, Researchers and Sugar

Standard sodas and calories

The question of how bad sugar may be for health will not quickly disappear. There are many doctors and researchers working world-wide on the problem, as well as respected journalists who seem to have become specialists in just one subject –  sugar!

As often happens when there are entrenched sides in an important dispute, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a clear picture. Is sugar really responsible for the overweight and obesity epidemic world-wide? If sugar is responsible, is it as catastrophic as some researchers and doctors say? There is a lack of a convincing answer to those who maintain that the whole problem is due to lack of exercise.  

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