How to lose weight and keep it off

Best way to lose weight is with healthy diet

On a diet, but you are allowed an occasional splurge.




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How to Lose Weight?

A problem with trying to decide on the best way to lose weight is that there is disagreement as to the main cause of being overweight. Is it due to consuming too many calories, in particular sugar?  Or is overweight caused by burning too few calories with  exercise and general physical activity? The arguments in favour of each are compelling, so it seems reasonable to assume that they are usually both responsible.

There are, of course, other possible causes for overweight or obesity. You can see them listed here.

Best way to lose weight is with natural food diet

Cabbage soup again?

Maintain Weight After Reaching Target

There is, though, no disagreement over a further statistic – that over 85% of people who have lost weight on a diet put it all back on again quite quickly after the diet. In fact, they often regain more weight than they originally lost. To lose weight permanently and then maintain a particular weight is a question of weight management.

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Natural Weight loss

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Best way to lose weight is with a nutritious diet

A diet can be both tasty & nutritious!

Many diets are hell, with boring and, often,  insufficient food and a permanent feeling of hungry. Then, when you´ve managed to lose weight, you find it quite soon starts to come back again.

A “natural diet” solves these problems. It is not a semi-starvation diet, but rather an adjustment to the kind of food and drink that are consumed. Once you reach the weight you want to be at,  you continue with the natural diet. It´s now part part of a new lifestyle. You relax it from when you were losing weight, but basically the same way of eating continues. It is now part of a new healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. The New Slimmer You! 

Exercise should be included, if possible, since it not only helps with burning calories, but is also good for increasing morale and motivation. Small amounts of exercise can easily have a disproportionate effect on the way one feels.

Like most things in life, ultimate success is most likely with a good plan.