How to Lose Weight

With a Mediterranean Diet

Cinque Terre in Italy.  The food is also pretty good!

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For those who want to lose weight, we strongly advocate a Mediterranean diet. It is a diet that helps to lose weight and then, importantly, maintain the reduced weight after the diet. It is a sensible healthy diet, that does not limit any important nutrients. 


Who Needs To Diet?

Lose weight with the Med diet

Watch Your Weight

It is important and simple to keep a check of your weight. If it is increasing, then best find out quickly!

Hamburger & fries are OK occasionally

Causes of Overweight?

A little thought will often suggest the probable causes for being overweight. Too much food? The wrong food? No exercise?

Time To Diet?

A Med diet is right for everyone. It can help in losing weight and also to maintain weight. and the food is great!

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Most diets work in the short term, because they generally involve a drastic reduction in calorie consumption. Longer term they nearly always fail. According to expert studies, 80% to 95% of people who have lost weight on a diet put it all back on again within a year or so. Often, they put back on more weight than they had lost.

The diet this website advocates for losing weight at a sensible rate, and in a healthy way, is the Mediterranean diet. This is the diet of the Mediterranean countries, with particular emphasis on Spain, Italy and Greece. (Portugal is usually included as a sort of honorary Mediterranean country for these purposes.)

Ironically, these countries have been abandoning their diet  -  just when the rest of the world was discovering how wonderful it is. 

Lose weight with Mediterranean Diet
Plentiful fruits & vegetables are key to the Mediterranean diet.

Image courtesy of   ulleo at Pixabay.

The Mediterranean diet is not only healthy as part of a weight-reduction programme, but it makes it far easier to maintain the new reduced weight later. Additionally, it is an easy diet because it does not involve the continuous feelings of hunger that are typical of most diets. All of this is accomplished with delicious food!

About the Mediterranean Diet

Thin without a diet

Does the Med Diet Work?

The Med Diet is a healthy and permanent way of eating. Reducing weight is easy using it as a base.

Med food shop

Mediterranean Foods

In the Med countries, they eat a big variety of foods. Nothing is  forbidden - but unhealthy foods are eaten only occasionally.

Med Diet Myths

It is a myth that Med people eat snails every day! In fact, some never eat them at all, as they prefer pigs´ears.

Possible Causes For Being Overweight

Far too much sugar in everyday life

Is Sugar a Toxic Poison?

Some health professionals say it is. It has few nutrients and a lot of calories, so its consumption should be limited.


Fast-Foods & Junk Food

Is fast food so fattening?  Why? It often sounds healthy enough. Non-diet sodas are usually full of amazing amounts of sugar.

Genes or environment_

Can Our Genes Make Us Fat?

Do genes cause overweight or obesity? Many families have most of its members overweight or, even, underweight. 

Alcohol at every occasion

Experts are divided. While alcohol has a lot of calories, it can also take away appetite. Does the phenomenon of "beer belly" really exist?


We All Need Some Exercise!

Lack of exercise may be partly responsible for an overweight problem. Many people spend most of their time sitting. All day!

Mayonnaise salad as first course

Even First Courses Are Huge

Plates are usually piled high, as though we expect to go a week before our next meal. It is an unhealthy waste of food.

 "My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four.  Unless there are three other people."            Orson Welles

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